Artistic values can reflect the personality that nowadays I enjoy to carry. It is an advantage to be concerned how I can arrange life with different forms of art. Never leaving behind all the experiences and values that are helping me in today's world.

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Sound among Design

It is amazing how sound goes hand by hand with design. I call this a visual transformation where all of my musical emotions can be represented in the field of graphic arts. Feeling inspired by many styles of music helps me achieve to develope a representation of my feelings.

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I am always open for new ideas and feedback, so I can improve my skills and follow my expectations on becoming a great graphic designer. You are welcome to post any comments that can help improve my passion for this style of art.

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Back 2 Basics

Video finished in Capstone Project course, using Adobe Media / After Effects software. It demonstrates the transition of the company logo (Back 2 Basics) experimenting with silhouettes and color forms.